Basic phone script

[tlg_spacer][tlg_timeline][tlg_timeline_content style=”text” text=”Open the call” title=”Open the call” icon=”fa fa-phone” title_color=”#ad90c3″ icon_color=”#81d742″]Hi is this……. Hi ………………. This is Peter from doTERRA, you replied to our advert on Facebook about working with our Essential Oils…  Is it convenient to chat with me for a few minutes?   ( smile when you dial ) [/tlg_timeline_content][tlg_timeline_content style=”text” text=”Set an agenda” title=”Set an agenda” icon=”fa fa-phone” title_color=”#ad90c3″ icon_color=”#81d742″]I just wanted to give you a bit more information and ask you a few questions if that’s ok?[/tlg_timeline_content][tlg_timeline_content style=”text” text=”Ask questions” title=”Ask questions” icon=”fa fa-phone” title_color=”#ad90c3″ icon_color=”#81d742″]

  • Was there anything in particular that made you reply to our advert?
  • What experience do you have with Essential Oils?
  • What is it you do for living?
  • What are you ideally looking to be able to do?

Thank you for sharing that with me, it gives me a better idea of what you are looking for…[/tlg_timeline_content][tlg_timeline_content style=”text” text=”Present information” title=”Present information” icon=”fa fa-phone” title_color=”#ad90c3″ icon_color=”#81d742″]Ok, the next STEP is

To attend our online class so you can find out more…

You  can access this class from the comfort of your own home, it lasts approx 55 minutes, we’ll be covering:

– The healing power of essential oils and what oils can be used to help certain conditions

– Preventative health-care and essential oils

– How to use oils safely and effectively

– How we source our products – the testing and purification process – and why our oils are the purest in the world

– We cover how you can secure sizeable discounts and what help and support is available to you

– And for those interested in working with us – we explain how rewarding this can can be, and what help and support is available..