How to buy the best Essential Oils in the World?

If you have decided to introduce essential oils into your life, all you have to do is to join doTERRA. I assure you – and you will be convinced very quickly – that you have made the best decision that you have ever made. At any time, on the drop of a time, you’ll find yourself saying “Thank you” to these amazing “Gifts of the Earth” for all their life-giving benefits and support that they add to your life.

The fastest way to buy is to go to the doTERRA online store and make sure you receive the best and purest essential oils directly from the manufacturer.

Become a member and take advantage of all doTERRA offers and discounts!

To take full advantage of doTERRA offers, discounts and loyalty programs, you need to create a membership account.

There are 2 types of doTERRA members:

  • Wholesale Customer
  • Wellness Advocate

In the image below, you can see the differences between the two types of accounts.

join doterra join naturalviavita

As you can see, the main difference is whether you want to build your own doTERRA business or earn extra income. In this case, you must opt for the Wellness Advocate membership type.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to create a membership account!

If the procedure seems too cumbersome, contact us by the Whatsapp Chat button at the bottom-left of the screen or write us a message on the form at the bottom of this page and we will follow the procedure together.

Click the Join doTERRA button and a new window will open. The current window will remain open and you will be able to return to it to see the next steps.


Choose the language and the country and then click CONTINUE.

Don’t worry, you may change the  language selection any time.

You may also change the country, but it is important cu select the place where to receive your orders.

As you know, doTERRA is a US based company, but there are several offices and warehouses around the world to make order delivery more efficient.


On this page you have to choose the type of member you want:

  • Wellness Advocate
  • Wholesale Customer



This is the page you need to fill in your personal data.

The thing I want to draw your attention to is the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID which will be filled in automatically with 11939155. If it is not completed already, you can fill it in manually.

This is the ID of the your sponsor, and ensures your membership in our team.
Joining the Natural Via Vita team gives you a number of benefits in addition to those we have already described as a doTERRA member.


The next step is to choose the enrollment kit.

Scroll through the selectors to see all the options.

As you can see, I marked in red where it says SPANISH. It is written on almost all enrollment kits, not the language, but the country. No matter which language you select for your platform, it is important to select the enrollment kit for your country.

This is an administrative issue that can sometimes be confusing.

And by the way! Don’t forget to add a Fractionated Coconut Oil to your Home Essentials Kit or Family Essentials Kit because you will need it!

That’s about it! Payment is made online and you will receive directions directly on the doTERRA website.

first order join doterra

Do not forget!

If you encounter difficulties or for some reason you can not register, CONTACT US!

If you have questions, concerns or want to know more, CONTACT US!